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Rebuilding Our Future: St. George's Economic Development Strategy

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We are at a critical time here on St. George Island, Alaska. While we have many great assets, such as our people and culture, marine wildlife and natural resources, and supporting organizations, we also have a declining population, critical infrastructure and energy needs, and high unemployment. Recognizing this, the St. George City Council found the resources to do some strategic planning, engage our community, and get the information we need to develop this Economic Development Strategy.


Since 2018, significant input from community members, local and partnering organizations, and support from EcoPlan International, has led to the creation of "Rebuilding Our Future: St. George's Economic Development Strategy." 

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These Working Papers are the research behind the Final Strategy.

Filling in the Gaps: Working Paper

November 2018

What makes St. George great? We are hearing about St. George's vision for the future, as well as some of the issues and objectives that are important to the community. The Working Papers are designed to be a launching point for discussion - this is what we know so far and we want to hear from you.




The community survey was administered as a major component of the community engagement that informed the St. George Economic Development Strategy. It contained 25 questions asking about respondents’ opinions on the economic development options that were explored in this Strategy, their job situations and aspirations, and general thoughts about economic development on St. George. Overall, 49 responses were received between May and July of 2019.

The survey results helped inform this Strategy’s vision, and provide highly important insight into community members’ opinions on the various options for St. George’s economic development. With questions surrounding some of these options, it was of utmost importance to collect and include community members’ thoughts on them. These have been included throughout the Strategy.

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We want the local economic development strategy to reflect everyone's values and priorities. Share your ideas.

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